Cooking Classes

Do you need inspiration?

Do you love cooking but need a new fun idea or want to learn a new style of cuisine or easy-to-use-at-home techniques?  

Join us for a cooking class!

Classes start at 18:00.  After a brief introduction to the facilitator and your recipe for the evening, you’ll divide into groups and cook your own scrumptious meal.  Enjoy the lovely Yoons atmosphere, drinks from the cash bar and a divine dessert.

See Upcoming Classes Below.

A variety of options

Want to learn how to make your own pasta?  Yoons offers a variety of cooking classes – from Plant Based, to Lebanese, Japanese, Roasts, Gnocchi, Curry, Pasta and much much more.

Upcoming Classes

10 December – Moroccan

14 December – Paella

15 December – Paella

18 December – Moroccan

21 December – Lebanese

29 December – Lebanese